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Only 31% of children’s books feature a female character, and only 13% feature a person of color.

How it works

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What you get

Book of the month

Each box is built around a book-of-the-month that features a strong female character and/or person of color. Our books are selected by a team of teachers, librarians and parents.

Hands-on science and art activities

Packed with activities that make the book-of-the-month come alive, our box lets kids explore themes of feminism and social justice through fun and creative projects.

Family discussion questions

Tried and tested discussion questions foster ongoing conversation for the whole family, helping kids explore diverse topics with family support.

What people are saying

“Reading powerful and feminist books to my daughter is something I can DO for her. Sign up and show your kids (boys and girls) that their dreams are possible.”
– Christina S.

“In our house, we raise feminist girls and boys…The Little Feminist created a beautiful space for reading and creativity.”
– Kelly M.

“My son really enjoys receiving his own special box each month. He loves all the books! The Little Feminist helps us make sure our son’s books reflect the world around him.”
– Kelly G.

“The packages are absolutely AMAZING!!!! My kids and I completely flipped out over them!”
– Morgan P.

The Little Feminist Book Club believes

All genders are brave AND kind. Books must encourage children to be exactly who they are.

Empathy is one of the most important skills in today’s world, and we learn empathy from stories!

Feminism is defined as the belief that all genders should have equal rights, which is why we should all be feminists!


Book Club

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Diversify your bookshelf with 1-2 of our handpicked books every month. Educational activity and DIY ideas included.

Book Club + Activity Box

From: $105.00 every 3 months

Watch our books-of-the-month come alive with our hands-on activities and tools (e.g. magnifying glass, hand drum).